Day At The Massacre@DayAtTheMassacr 

Meerkat Manor move on over. Hermit Crabs are in the house! TheCrabitatChannel is hilarious. LouMorris@LouBMII 

Hilarious, educational, creative, cute, one of a kind, crazy, very silly show! I love it!  jillian chiappone @jillianchiappon

Cool!!!!!!!!! Really interesting Abi @TottenhamSpurs0

Wow! Never knew lil' hermit crabs cud be so fascinating GR8 INFO & their SO CUTE! Awesome site! V different Michelle Denousse CRYPT TV

The Crabitat is very imaginative and very entertaining. I think kids of all ages would enjoy thisLeo Daniels Ent.Ⓜ️ @LeoRules1

Ye, I saw your movie, it's very funny ! I like it, Good Idea =)  ZelenyForever) Samar @skaraulov8  

Great vid, dont pass up if u like nature documentary.. highly enjoyed stephen frlan @shamanguide

Curious Crustaceans - a wonderful web site that makes you cheer for the underdog. FascinatingMilesFromBlighty@MilesFmBlighty 

This site you have put together is very informative and super entertaining..  I never knew crustaceans had so much going on..  KirkGoodall@totalintent 

The Crabitat S01EP1 'Where's Yokey' this video is creative and funny check it out Mortish@precouis94